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Product introduction of silver antimicrobial cloth

Functional hydrophilic antibacterial non-woven fabric technology and products, using new material technology-polypropylene short fiber composite technology, antibacterial technology, to solve the problem of non-woven materials water repellency, antibacterial disinfection.

Application area of sliver antimicrobial cloth


antimicrobial protection suit

antimicrobial face mask

antimicrobial filter

Technical parameters of silver antimicrobial cloth

antibacterial rate

water absorption

Hydrophilic speed

Uniformity fiber diameter


≥ 900%(15g)

Less than 1.4S

Reduced from 3.0D to 1.7D

Antistatic value

Transverse softness


10.5 ohms


Transverse and longitudinal elongation ≥80% (10g)


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