Antibacterial masterbatch

Short Description:

AntibacMax® antibacterial masterbatch is a high-concentration antibacterial polymer material made by uniformly dispersing antibacterial agents of silver, zinc and copper ions in PP, PET and other plastic substrates through extrusion processing, which is convenient for customers to further process into antibacterial plastics and antibacterial fibers, etc.

In addition, to meet the market demand and taking advantage of our own production and processing technology, silver, zinc, copper ions antibacterial agents can be evenly dispersed in different substrates to prepare a series of antibacterial pellets, which are directly used in water environment treatment.

Product Detail

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Product feature

· Safety (essential elements of human body), health, no stimulation
· Excellent anti-mold performance, and has the effect of deodorization
· Long-lasting antibacterial properties
· No drug resistance
· Good heat resistance and chemical stability
· Good machining performance
Good processing resistance to discoloration and uniform dispersion in polymer materials;
· High energy efficiency of antibacterial properties and anti-mildew and odor properties
It has an excellent antibacterial effect and anti-mildew and deodorization effect, and has good function on Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pneumococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.

Product parameter

Product Model

MP203  MP205  MP210

MB101  MB110  MB130

MB201  MB210   MB230

MB401  MB410  MB430


Nano zirconium phosphate silver-carrying antibacterial masterbatch

Glass carrier silver antibacterial masterbatch

Glass carrier Zinc antibacterial masterbatch

Glass carrier Copper antibacterial masterbatch


active ingredients






PP, PET, PA, can be customized

PP, PET, ABS, PE, TPU, can be customized

PP, PET, ABS, PE, TPU, can be customized

PP, PET, ABS, PE, TPU, can be customized


Natural particles

Natural particles

 Natural particles   

Light blue particles

Antibacterial agent content in masterbatch





typical application

Fiber, non-woven cloth, film, etc.

Plastic, film, etc.

Plastic, film, etc.

Plastic, film, etc.

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